What Can Your Mouthwash Do?

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Mouthwash is often used to improve your oral health when reliable treatments such as brushing and flossing are not usable or readily available. This can be especially useful to get plaque between your child’s teeth. Listed below are some guidelines to consider that pertain to mouthwash and its many forms:

– If you are unsure about which mouthwash product will be the ideal fit for your smile, speak with your dentist to determine which product will suit you and your child’s needs.

– When choosing a mouthwash product, look for the American Dental Association’s ADA Seal of Acceptance given to those treatments which have been deemed highly effective and safe.

– Mouthwash can be used to prevent halitosis disorders, also called bad breath, and prevent it from occurring.

– Mouthwash often has a variety of uses, but some versions can be highly effective at reducing plaque via the use of fluoride, which has been clinically shown to strengthen tooth enamel.

– Some varieties of mouthwash in today’s market contain substances that can help whiten teeth and give your smile a better shine.

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