Are you looking to achieve a straighter smile, but you don’t want to worry about showing off a mouth full of metal for several months? If so, lingual braces may be for you! Dr. Tony Skanchy is committed to helping our patients find the right treatment that works for them. Lingual braces are attached to the back side of your teeth, making them VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE and enable you to continue your daily life as normal. Our orthodontist, Dr. Skanchy, uses the INBRACE system, which offers the most advanced lingual braces treatment. Contact our office today at (385) 210-1111 for more information about our lingual braces serving the cities of Herriman, Riverton, South Jordan and Bluffdale, Utah.

Straight teeth are often a sign of a happy, healthy smile. While braces are traditionally considered to straighten misaligned teeth, advances in dental technology have provided a variety of more discreet methods that can help you achieve the smile you want. One of these discreet treatments is lingual braces.

Lingual braces (hidden braces) work just like traditional braces, but instead of attaching to the front of your teeth, they are attached to the back. This means that your treatment is virtually invisible to others, even from close up. Lingual braces are extremely efficient in correcting tooth height and rotations, and at closing gaps, which makes them more effective than clear aligners.

Dr. Skanchy is proud to take your lingual braces treatment to the next level with the INBRACE system. INBRACE lingual braces are the most advanced lingual braces treatment available. With this treatment, your braces are customized to fit your smile. This makes it easy for you to brush and floss your teeth as normal, improving your chances of avoiding tooth stains that often occur with braces. You can eat and drink whatever you want, and you can continue to smile with confidence, knowing that no one will see your braces and that your smile is becoming straighter.

If you wish that your smile was straighter, we invite you to contact our practice today and set up your consultation with our orthodontists. We will work with you to get you started on your journey to achieving your ideal smile.