At South Hills Orthodontics, our motto is to “SHO Your Smile”. We believe that every smile is worth celebrating. We have decided to start this foundation as a way to give back to this community that we love. This foundation is set up to provide free orthodontic care to those that are in need of financial help and to encourage confidence among our children and youth, especially those who are personally dealing with bullying and difficult life situations beyond their control. We believe that by teaming up with our local schools and communities, we can encourage kindness and confidence among our growing population.

Bullying is a topic of constant attention in our schools and the media. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, students who are perceived to be different from their peers, depressed, anxious, or weak are more likely to be bullied than others. Thirty percent of students who reported being bullied at school indicated that the bullying was related to their physical appearance. (1) Another study published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (AJODO) reported that bullying was reported by 47% of 11-12 year olds (sample size 920). This study showed that teeth were the number one reason for children being targeted by bullies. The most common dental features that resulted in bullying were: 1. Spacing between the teeth 2. Prominent front teeth (buck teeth) 3. Shape or color of teeth. A recent poll found that 7 in 10 Americans admit to feeling self-conscious about their teeth and that 57% of Americans cover their mouths when they laugh, due to being insecure about the appearance of their teeth. We would love to team up with you to help those that are experiencing these difficulties. For these reasons, we will be working with local schools and dentists to find individuals who are bullied at school due to self-confidence issues related to their teeth and cannot afford orthodontic treatment on their own. We feel that by treating these individuals in need at South Hills Orthodontics, we can help set in motion a better way to address and prevent bullying.

As a dental provider in the South Salt Lake Valley, I have come in contact with many hard-working, amazing families who are in need of an extra helping hand in particularly difficult circumstances. We have thought at length about how we can use our resources to lift those around us who may be struggling. This foundation will be a means for providing an organized structure through which we will offer free treatment. South Hills Orthodontics is pledging to support kindness and confidence by pioneering this program. We appreciate your efforts and help in making this community a much better place. Thank you for your willingness to team up with South Hills Orthodontics in this effort!