First Visit

Our goal at South Hills Dental Specialists is to give you the healthy, straight, and beautiful smile you have always wanted. The choice to receive orthodontic care can be a big decision, and we respect your reasons for wanting to improve the way you look and feel.

Dr. Skanchy Sr., Dr. Skanchy Jr., and their team will work with you every step of the way and ensure your orthodontic treatment is as comfortable, convenient, and rewarding as possible. We will do everything possible to make sure all parties are 100% happy with your treatment and results. We use the latest technology, and offer a variety of safe and gentle treatment options that will be customized for you to give you the individual care you deserve.

Every smile starts with a complimentary consultation!
Your complimentary consultation will give you the opportunity to meet Dr. Skanchy and his team, as well as learn more about orthodontics, receive a complete initial exam, and discuss treatment options that will best meet your needs.

To schedule a complimentary evaluation with Dr. Tony Skanchy, please call our office at 385-210-1111 or click this link to schedule your appointment through our online portal.

During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Skanchy and their staff will:
• Review dental and medical history forms
• Perform a complete oral exam, with X-rays and photos, to determine if treatment is needed
• Discuss different treatment options
• Discuss all financial information, insurance options that may be available, and flexible payment plans that we offer

During your complimentary consultation, we will explain everything you will need to know about your orthodontic treatment so that you can choose what is best for you! If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Skanchy, please call 385-210-1111.

What happens after the initial consultation?
Once you decide to move forward with orthodontic treatment, we will schedule your first appointment. This is the big day when you will receive your new orthodontic appliance. Typically, this appointment is about an hour, and then you are on your way toward your new smile!

Scheduling Appointments
Once your braces are on, we typically see our patients every 8 weeks. Regular checkups and adjustments last between 15-30 minutes. By using the latest technologies in orthodontics, we can reduce the amount of visits needed to complete your orthodontic treatment successfully. Our practice will work with you to make sure your appointments are scheduled around your busy schedule so that you will spend less time in the dental chair and more time enjoying the things you love to do.

We understand that “life happens,” so if you are running behind or need to cancel an appointment, please let us know, and we will get you rescheduled. When you are ready to schedule your first appointment, call our practice at 385-210-1111. We look forward to working with you! Our office is easily accessible to residents living in the Herriman, Riverton, South Jordan, and Bluffdale area, located just off of Bangerter Highway.

Visiting the dentist during orthodontic treatment
It is very important that you continue to visit your family dentist on a regular basis during orthodontic treatment for teeth cleanings and routine dental checkups. If dental care is needed with your dentist, we will be happy to coordinate with her or him to make sure you receive the best possible care.

For Children

While there is no exact age for children to begin orthodontic treatment, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends a visit to the orthodontists around age 7.

You are probably wondering, “Why in the world would my child need orthodontic treatment at such a young age?” The vast majority of children do not need orthodontic treatment at this time. However, a small percentage of children present do have certain jaw or dental problems that parents may not be aware of, and if caught early, are much easier to treat at a young age.

By age 7, most children have a mix of baby teeth and permanent teeth, which makes it easier for the orthodontists to diagnose and correct tooth and jaw problems sooner. If jaw problems and growth irregularities are caught early, it is possible that surgery can be avoided if treatment is started at a younger age.

Early treatment helps the orthodontists to:

• Correct and guide the growth of your child’s jaw to make sure the upper teeth will fit properly with the lower teeth. By addressing jaw growth problems at a young age, surgical procedures may be avoided if treated properly
• Evaluate the width of the upper and lower teeth to determine if an expander is needed
• Create more space if the upper or lower teeth are crowded
• Avoid the need for permanent tooth extractions later in life
• Correct thumb sucking habits and help improve minor speech problems

For parents, it is not always easy to know if your child may need orthodontic treatment.

Here are a few things to look for that may mean your child needs to see an orthodontists:

• Early or late loss of baby teeth
• Upper teeth fit on the inside of the lower teeth when biting down (crossbite)
• Hard time eating or chewing foods
• Mouth breathing
• Finger or thumb sucking
• Crowded, misplaced, or blocked-out teeth
• Teeth that come together abnormally, or do not come together at all
• Jaws and teeth that are not proportionate to the rest of the face
• Crowded front teeth around age 7 or 8
Please contact our practice to schedule an appointment for an orthodontic evaluation. Orthodontics is very time-sensitive, and early treatment now may be much easier than trying to treat your child in a few years. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

For Teens

Braces, retainers, and everything else you want to know about orthodontics!

Braces! What now?

Do not worry! Braces are not nearly as scary as you may think. In fact, braces today come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors, which makes life with braces much easier, more comfortable, and even more stylish than in the past. Visit our Types of Braces page to learn more about what braces we offer!

How long will I have to wear braces?
The amount of time it takes to treat your smile with braces depends on 3 key factors:

Early treatment — This allows orthodontists to monitor the growth of the jaw and recommend further orthodontic treatment if it becomes necessary. Not everybody needs early orthodontic treatment, and in most cases, it is recommended that a patient wait until later to receive treatment.
What needs correction — The amount of treatment needed to correct a problem will determine how long the process takes. Different patients react to treatments differently, so it may take one patient only 12 months to complete their treatment, but another patient may take 24 months. Treatment times can vary, depending on how quickly your body responds and how much work is needed to give you the show-stopping smile you desire.
YOU! — Your willingness to use the appliances we give you plays a major role in the length of time it takes to complete your treatment. Always remember to take care of your braces and appliances; this truly will help make your treatment time shorter!
• All of that said, on average, comprehensive orthodontic treatment lasts approximately 18 months. Early orthodontic treatment (Phase I treatment) typically lasts 7-8 months).

Braces Your Way!
Our practice offers a variety of braces, types, and styles to choose from. Some common options include:

• Ceramic braces (clear braces)
• Invisible braces (Invisalign clear aligners)
• Damon braces
• Traditional metal braces
• Wild Smiles braces

Orthodontic treatment is a big part of life for many people your age. With all the treatment options offered at our office, we make it easy to look good and feel good with braces or Invisalign! If you live in the Herriman, Riverton, or Bluffdale area, please contact our practice to schedule your next orthodontic checkup.


Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

Orthodontic treatment is no longer just for teens. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontistss states that nearly 25% of patients are over the age of 21. Approximately 20% of our patients in our office are adult patients.

Many adults are choosing to receive treatment because they understand the importance of maintaining their health, and they want to feel better about their appearance and increase self-confidence. Adults everywhere are taking advantage of the opportunity to receive orthodontic care, and now you can, too.

Common reasons why adults are considering orthodontic treatment:

• An irregular bite that does not allow the teeth to bite properly
• Crowded teeth or teeth that have space, possibly leading to cavities and gingivitis (gum disease)
• Abnormal jaw pain or pressure caused by crooked teeth
• Desire for a more healthy and beautiful smile

Treatment Options for Adults
For many adults, the thought of having metal braces is enough to discourage them from seeking treatment. However, at South Hills Dental Specialists, we offer several options for adults that are comfortable, aesthetic, and customized to meet your needs. Types of braces include:

• Ceramic (clear) braces
• Clear aligner trays (Invisalign®)
• Self-ligating braces (Damon® braces)
• Traditional metal braces

What is the difference between adult orthodontics and orthodontics for children and teens?
The main difference between treating adults and children or teens is that the jawbones of younger patients are still developing. For adults, these bones have stopped growing, which may make treatment a little more difficult if the jaws are not aligned properly. Other differences include:

• Gum or bone loss (periodontal disease) — Adults are more likely than children to experience recession of the gums or even bone loss due to gingivitis or periodontal disease. Research has shown that straighter teeth are easier to clean, which can reduce the likelihood of gum disease and other oral problems.
• Worn or missing teeth — Over time, teeth can become worn down and move to different positions. If this is the case, orthodontic treatment may be the only way to treat the problem. Missing teeth can allow other teeth to shift and tilt, which creates a bad bite and may increase the chance of gum problems.
• Incomplete orthodontic treatment as a teen — Some adults received some orthodontic treatment as a child or teen, but never completed their treatment. As an adult, they choose to complete their orthodontic treatment to achieve the healthy, beautiful smile they always wanted.

Our practice also recognizes that adults and children have different needs, and require different levels of attention and care. We will work with you to ensure you receive the most appropriate treatments, and your needs are met with understanding and respect from us.

Why should you consider orthodontic treatment?

• A beautiful, straight smile builds confidence — Orthodontic treatment will help boost your self-confidence, thus giving you a better quality of life and the freedom to smile without holding back!
• Straighter teeth mean healthier teeth — Teeth that are properly aligned are easier to keep clean with flossing and brushing, and may help prevent other health problems.
• Mouths left untreated can get worse — Not receiving orthodontic treatment when it is needed can create long-term health issues that cost you more in the end.

To learn more about the benefits of adult orthodontics, please contact our practice to schedule an appointment with our orthodontists. We treat many adult patients in the Herriman, Riverton, and Bluffdale area. If you are considering treatment for yourself, please schedule a free evaluation and we can discuss the best treatment options to address your specific needs. We understand you have a busy schedule, and we will work with you to make sure each office visit is as convenient as possible.


The cost of your orthodontic treatment will vary, depending on your individual needs and treatment plan. Our staff will discuss the cost of your treatment and each available payment plan option with you, so you can make the best choice for yourself and your smile.

We will work with you to create a payment plan that fits your budget, and you will know what to expect before beginning treatment. Our goal is never to let financial constraints keep you or your children from receiving orthodontic treatment. Please ask our team about our flexible payment plans, no down-payment options, and other payment options that make orthodontic treatment more affordable.

Affordable Payment Plans
Your smile is yours forever, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive the best orthodontic care whenever you need it.

** Our practice accepts most major credit cards and insurance plans. **

We also accept payments from flex spending accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA). If you have insurance that will help to cover any portion of your orthodontic treatment, our office staff is always available to help you with insurance claims and paperwork.

Please let Dr. Skanchy Sr. and Dr. Skanchy Jr. and our team know if you have any questions about your insurance coverage or ideas for how we can make your entire orthodontic experience at South Hills Dental Specialists a pleasant one.