Keys to Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

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Did you know that baby bottle tooth decay is an oral health disorder in children caused by the erosion of their teeth often due to drinks commonly used in baby bottles? Listed below are some keys to preventing baby bottle tooth decay:

– Avoid keeping a bottle in your child’s bed as they sleep, as the liquid can pool in their mouths and contribute to baby bottle tooth decay.

– A child’s first tooth begins to appear when they are around 6 months old, and at this time, the tooth is susceptible to baby bottle tooth decay, so it must be cared for daily.

– Do not cover or coat the tops of baby bottles with sugary sweets such as honey.

– Avoid sharing utensils, toys, pacifiers, bottles, or cleanings tools like toothbrushes between you and your child, as this can increase the risk of bacterial infection being spread to your child.

– Baby bottle tooth decay is often begun by the liquids used in baby bottles, such as sports drinks, sugar water, honey-infused liquids, sugary juices, and soft drinks.

– Be careful to never use too much toothpaste when cleaning your infant’s mouth, so for children under 3, use a spot of toothpaste the size of a rice grain.

If you think your child has baby bottle tooth decay have a toothache, please call South Hills Dental Specialists so we can get them in to see Dr. Tony Skanchy and our team as soon as possible. Our pediatric office is located in Riverton, Utah, and we can be reached at 385-210-0000. We look forward to seeing your child smile bright this season!